The project welcomes guest contributions to the blog from those committed to equality in education for children and young people.

We welcome contributions from teachers, parents, young people, researchers, students, doctoral researchers and other potential collaborators. Guest blog posts could be informed by your own research in this area or your experiences (for example, as a teacher or parent); inspired by a relevant text you’ve read; or you might like to respond to a recent news or policy issue. We also welcome contributions which talk to other posts on this blog.

We publish original pieces so please don’t send us anything you’ve published somewhere else first. The only other condition is that what you write needs to fit with the broadly sociological and critical approach of the website.

If you’re not sure whether your idea would fit then please contact the appropriate editor before you start writing. We can’t promise to publish everything so this could save you time. And, even if your idea for a guest blog post is excellent, we are likely to ask for edits before we publish what you’ve written.

Here’s a quick guide to writing a guest blog entry:

  • Make sure your blog opens with a concise and catchy paragraph: this should grab the attention of the reader and contain the key ideas or arguments you make or engage with because that’s all that will appear on the home page with a ‘continue reading’ button which directs readers to the full post.
  • Don’t make it too long: somewhere between 400-800 words is ideal. Write in short paragraphs where you can.
  • Write for a general audience: Try to use an accessible and engaging style. Blog posts are a different beast to journal articles, and while they can provide a sounding board for ideas that might then be developed into an academic paper and can help push your work to a wider or different audience, blogs do different things and need to be accessible to a broader audience.
  • Keep it simple and avoid jargon. While it’s important to cite other people’s work and include appropriate references, providing a hyperlink from your text to an article, book or report written by them is preferable to Harvard style/parenthetical citations.
  • Also include hyperlinks throughout when you’re talking about policies, news stories, or other people/ideas/words that might need looking up. Please add your hyperlinks to the text document you send us.
  • Send an image of yourself to include with your blog entry.
  • Send us keywords to go with your blog: you can see some of the existing and popular ones in the ‘tag cloud’ on the front page.
  • Email your guest blog post as a Word Document to the appropriate editor.

Social Justice Ruth Boyask or Katy Vigurs
Race, Ethnicity and Education Vini Lander
Sexualities Pam Alldred
Youth and Informal Education Ian McGimpsey or Janet Batsleer
Inclusive Education Jennifer Spratt
Practitioner Research d’Reen Struthers

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