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Ensuring and assuring an educational entitlement for the ‘hard to reach and teach’.

Pat Thomsonpost by PAT THOMSON
Professor of Education and Director of the Centre for Advanced Studies at The University of Nottingham

It is not new news that every year a significant number of young people are eased out, pushed out and kicked out of school. Along the way to permanent exclusion, and the likelihood of becoming a ‘NEET’ statistic, these young people may well have yelled out, acted out, and have walked out of the school gates, vowing never to return. The school system attributes their behaviour variously to: faulty neurological functioning; impaired cognitive/emotional capacity; inadequate parenting; feral peers and/or disconnected and depressed communities. Expert knowledges and specialist staff are brought to bear on these young people in order to ‘support’ them to learn to regulate themselves within the school. Continue reading Ensuring and assuring an educational entitlement for the ‘hard to reach and teach’.

Socially just education

Professor Diane Reay
Cambridge University

A socially just educational system is one premised on the maxim that a good education is the democratic right of all rather than a prize to be competitively fought over. It is also one which seeks to value and enhance children’s well-being as well as their intellectual growth. Yet, current education policy has intensified educational cruelties in schooling. There are many examples but my research has focussed on two in particular. First, testing regimes in primary schools has shown that assessment procedures have powerful effects on how students come to see themselves as learners. Continue reading Socially just education