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Respecting Children and Young People Archive

The Respecting Children and Young People Project was a time limited project that produced Fair and Equal Education: An Evidence-based Policy Manifesto that Respects Children and Young People, released on the 10 March 2015. The posts in this blog contributed towards the development of the manifesto, but they also act as important statements on recent issues affecting children and young people, informed by research undertaken by researchers from the British Educational Research Association. While we are no longer posting to this blog, the posts will be held on this site as an archive. Enjoy reading and sharing them with your colleagues, friends, family and students. We thank everyone who has contributed to the project.


Social Justice Ruth Boyask and Katy Vigurs
Race, Ethnicity and Education Vini Lander
Sexualities Pam Alldred
Youth and Informal Education Ian McGimpsey and Janet Batsleer
Inclusive Education Jennifer Spratt
Practitioner Research d’Reen Struthers

What’s story-telling got to do with research?

Vini Landerpost by VINI LANDER
Head of Research, Edge Hill University

The Respecting Children blog has been concerned with linking research evidence to demonstrate how issues of social justice and inequality have recurred over the last forty years.  The generation of empirical data is considered to be one way to support an argument and demonstrate a need for change within education policy or practice.  Researchers working in the field of “race”, ethnicity and education have built up a sizeable range of data to demonstrate how “race” and ethnicity in intersection with other factors such as poverty impact on the educational outcomes of minority ethnic children (Strand 2014), or how ethnicity affects the experiences of Black and minority ethnic trainee teachers in schools (Flintoff 2014; Pearce 2014).  Continue reading What’s story-telling got to do with research?

Fair and Equal Education

Ruth Boyaskpost by RUTH BOYASK
On behalf of the editors of the Respecting Children and Young People project

On the 10th March 2015, the Respecting Children and Young People project will be holding an event to launch the culmination of our work, the Fair and Equal Education manifesto. This manifesto has been shaped by the dialogue and engagement of members of six special interest groups (SIGs) within BERA, representing many hundreds of British educational researchers. We have come together because we, like many other voices at the present time, are concerned. Continue reading Fair and Equal Education

Response to “A Classroom Story” Jasmine Rhamie

Jasmine Rhamiepost by JASMINE RHAMIE
University of Roehampton

I have read with interest and concern the Twitter debate generated by my blog “A Classroom Story” which was created as a counter-story. The characters William and the class teacher were representations of typical experiences composed from different accounts which were reported by Black male student teachers during a small scale research project in 2013. Continue reading Response to “A Classroom Story” Jasmine Rhamie

Classroom Story

Jasmine Rhamiepost by JASMINE RHAMIE
University of Roehampton

William dropped exhausted on his bed. He hadn’t realised how hard it would be to train as a primary teacher. After relaxing for an hour he carefully reviewed his teaching and marked children’s work. They had done very well and it was rewarding to note how well they had understood and progressed in maths. He thought about how he would move them on to the next concept and amended his planning in light of his marking and reflections. Continue reading Classroom Story